Is Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Worth it? (What to watch out for)

December 23, 2021
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Is cheaper better?

You are no longer have to rely on hairpieces, wigs or cover up hair-cuts in your hunt for a more permanent fix to hair loss. The technology has advanced in recent years, and the growing popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment allows you to select a treatment with quick visible effects.

To be honest, this post looks a little neutralised. Although scalp micropigmentation has been given the thumbs up for so long, discussing the potential drawbacks you may face as an SMP recipient sounds, well, weird. We feel it is our duty as professionals to help you become aware of them in order to make an informed decision.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, the practice of tattooing diminishing or bald parts of the scalp to mimic short-cropped hair, has sparked a lot of interest among patients looking for alternate solutions to hide and disguise their hair loss. This aesthetic and minimally invasive process, also known as SMP, gives men and women suffering from hair loss the appearance of fullness or thick, short or long hair. SMP outcomes (rather than the technique) are sometimes likened to topical concealers such as Toppik, DermMatch, and Nanogen, which likewise help cover baldness and make the receding hairline look thicker and fuller.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the cosmetic placement of tattoo-like ink or pigmentation "markings" to bald or decreasing parts of the scalp by a qualified practitioner to reproduce the look of closely trimmed hair (or "stubble"). SMP experts are typically skilled in their craft, but they are not always medical specialists or hair restoration specialists. Scalp micropigmentation is commonly done for one of three reasons.

Micropigmentation of the scalp Ink is typically applied to the superficial dermis, a layer of skin here between the epidermal (the skin's outer layer) and surrounding layer that is made up of fibrous tissue that protects the body from stress and pressure. SMP experts, on the other hand, frequently use ink at various depths. Some tattoo artists are starting to utilise a "sweeping" method to create a more natural effect on the scalp.

The treatment can now be conducted using both everlasting and temporary SMP ink, depending on the size of the receding hairline area and the required appearance, and can take anything between 1-8 hours based on the scale of the balding/thinning area and the intended presence.

Major Drawbacks Of Using Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation 

It necessitates multiple treatments.

Although some clinics may well be able to tattoo a partial hairline micropigmentation in a single session, a full scalp micro-pigmentation treatment would most likely require 2 to 3 treatments. While permanent SMP is susceptible to fading, bleeding, and discolouration, temporary SMP is specifically meant to fade over time. However, it is unclear whether the ink's tone would alter while fading or if the disappearing ink will result in an odd, unnatural appearance until it entirely disappears. The issue arises when some SMP artists advertise their treatment as permanent when in fact it is temporary. This can often be an indicator of cheaper pricing. 

Another problem with temporary SMP is that it must be repeated every 6 to 24 months. While this may be considered as a plus by some, repeating the treatment on a regular basis incurs additional expenditures, time, and travel. This may not be feasible for many customers. To avoid such experiences, it is sometimes wiser to spend a little more to get a treatment that is substantial and professional.

Pigments That Are Permanently Attached to Your Scalp

SMP is a somewhat lengthy process. While it has a shorter healing period and may be a wonderful option if you want the look of a shaved head of hair, it may not be suitable for those who aspire to eventually grow their hair out. 

If you don't want a hair tattoo when you're older, you shouldn't have scalp micro-pigmentation. While these pigments tend to diminish after 8 years, they remain beneath your skin.

It's possible that it'll turn black or blue.

Some of the less expensive pigments employed may not be the proper natural hue, resulting in stubble that is overly dark or even discoloured. Blue and purple pigments produce the worst effects, but some clients have experienced practitioners utilising tattoo ink rather than high-quality, natural charcoal grey pigments, which produce more outward manifestations.

Based on Professional Experience, Here Are the Results

If you don't choose the correct clinic and practitioner to conduct your treatment, you can be disappointed with the results. Many incidents of botched scalp micropigmentation have been documented, in which needles were not sterilised or the practitioner was inexperienced in accurately applying the pigment, resulting in unusual patches of pigment and other issues. We wrote an article on common SMP regrets, and how you can avoid them.

Dark Pigments May Appear Fake

When looking for a scalp micro pigmentation facility, always look at the before and after images and clarify any questions about the pigment's quality and hue. Because scalp micropigmentation does not employ tattoo ink, you should always double-check that you're getting the correct colour for your skin type, this is usually clarified within the consultation process. If you have light hair, you definitely don't want to have pigment. According to our research, the optimum shade is a dark grey or charcoal hue to a lighter grey colour, which is normal once your tattoo fades a little.

You are unable to modify your hairdo.

Please allow us to qualify that assertion. You can utilise lasers and/or additional pigmentation to adjust your hairline, shift your side features, change your density, and generally modify and adjust your look as you see fit, but you're still locked with a shaved hairdo.

Not all SMP is created equal, as with many other treatments that take significant expertise and artistry. Each clinic has its own strategy, is crucial for an organisation, and frequently employs a variety of inks. There is currently insufficient information available to determine which techniques and inks are superior or inferior. Those considering SMP should do their homework by investigating each clinic's technique, instruments, and instances of SMP success - preferably in person.

The dreaded shave!

You must shave your head every day or every other day. Few people can get away with shaving only once every two days. Not to alarm you, but it can be a pain at times, particularly when you need to leave the house fast.

There are exceptions, most individuals are able to preserve their hair long after treatment. These guys (and gals) are frequently exempt from this rule.

Although they won't admit it, it can be a pain at times, especially when you need to leave the house quickly. Presently, Also keep track of how much you spend on Gillette Fusion Power razors, because at one each week, it quickly adds up. A cost-effective alternative is to buy an electric razor specifically for scalps.

Our advice is to experiment with several shaving techniques to find which one works best for you. If you can, try clippers, or if you have the time, an electric shaver. You prefer to shave in the shower since it is more convenient, but everyone does it differently. Our personal preference is a cost-effective alternative electric razor specifically for scalps.

Sum Up!

With Scalp Micropigmentation you are no longer reliant on hair extensions, wigs or cover up haircuts to find a more lasting solutions to hair loss. The advancement of technology in recent years, as well as the rising popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) therapy, enables you to choose a treatment with immediately visible results and with the right aftercare will last years. The above post has mentioned some of the major cons of using cheap scalp micropigmentation treatment.

A tool you can use to measure the extent of your hairloss you can use a norwood hairline scale and for the realistic price of high-quality scalp micropigmentation, you can check out our guide.

Have a glance and make an informed decision for your treatment. Do you need some guidance from experts? We'd be happy to help - you can book a free, no obligation consultation below to help you on your journey.

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