How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take to Heal

September 14, 2023
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In the world of solutions for hair loss, there's something fascinating called Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). It works like a customised tattoo on the scalp that prevents hair loss but also needs specific attention as it heals. 

This article will discuss how long does scalp micropigmentation take to heal, the reasons why getting a haircut could make your scalp uncomfortable, and the crucial steps you must take to properly care for your scalp after receiving this unusual tattoo.

Exploring Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Healing

Let's break down what happens as your scalp heals after getting an SMP tattoo:

Immediate Aftermath (Days 1-7)

Right after getting the SMP tattoo, your scalp might look a bit reddish and swollen, kind of like when you accidentally bump your head. This is totally normal! Following the instructions that the person who did the tattoo gives you is super important during this time.

First Few Weeks (Days 8-14)

You might notice that as time passes, those tiny tattoo dots on your scalp appear less dark or perhaps slightly come off. But relax; it's all part of the process! Simply exercise patience and let your scalp heal itself.

Weeks 3-6

During this phase, those tiny tattoo dots will start to get darker again. It's like watching a really cool transformation happen. Try to limit your time in the sun and perspire while this is happening. Give your scalp some additional TLC as it works diligently to recuperate.

Weeks 6 and Beyond

Your scalp will finally be completely healed after a few more weeks, and you'll be able to see how your SMP tattoo turned out. You can occasionally need a minor adjustment to make things appear absolutely right. Remember that each scalp heals at its own rate, so don't worry if yours takes a little longer to recover than others'.

Decoding Post-Haircut Itchiness

Ever wondered why your scalp gets itchy after a fresh haircut? Let's solve this mystery together:

The Itchiness Phenomenon

That itchy feeling you get after a haircut is actually a sign that your scalp is healing itself. It's like a little message from your body telling you that things are getting better.

Underlying Causes

So, why does it itch? There are a few reasons! First, your skin might be a bit dry because it's healing. Second, those small tattoo dots on your scalp can be a bit ticklish. And guess what? Your hair is growing, and that can make your scalp feel itchy too.

Managing Itchiness

As an alternative, you might gently apply some moisturiser to ease the itching. If it's really irritating you, you can use a moist towel or ask an adult for some particular remedies.

Essential SMP Aftercare Tips

Proper aftercare for your scalp Following an SMP tattoo is crucial to ensuring the best results. Let's delve deeper into each of these important aftercare steps:

1. Maintaining Scalp Cleanliness

Taking care of your scalp's cleanliness is essential, but it's important to be gentle. Think of your scalp as something delicate that needs careful handling. After getting the SMP tattoo, make sure to clean your scalp in a way that doesn't cause any irritation. Avoid using excessive force or rubbing too vigorously. Choose a mild cleanser that is gentle on your scalp and doesn't contain harsh chemicals. This will help preserve the integrity of the SMP tattoo as it heals.

2. Shielding from the Sun

Your scalp is prone to sunburn just like your skin is, especially while it's recovering after a tattoo. Protecting your scalp is a good idea if you intend to spend time outside. As a defence against the sun's rays, think about using a hat. Alternatively, applying sunscreen to your scalp can offer protection. Consult an adult to help you select a sunscreen suitable for your scalp that won't interfere with the healing process of the SMP tattoo.

3. Hydration and Moisturisation

Think of your healing scalp as a plant that needs hydration to thrive. After receiving the SMP tattoo, your scalp requires extra moisture. Choose a basic moisturizer that is mild, devoid of overpowering scents or abrasive substances. You can maintain your scalp's proper hydration during the healing process by dabbing it lightly with moisturizer.

4. Minimising Physical Strain

Imagine your scalp as a rested superhero after a big mission. Following the SMP tattoo, it's advisable to avoid strenuous exercises or activities that might strain your scalp. Activities that induce excessive sweating or put pressure on your head should be minimized for a period of time. Allowing your scalp to recover without unnecessary stress is crucial for proper healing.

5. Following Expert Advice

Consider the professional who did your SMP tattoo as your guide on this special journey. They possess valuable knowledge on caring for your unique scalp tattoo. Following the instructions they provide is akin to having a secret handbook for taking care of your tattoo. Their guidance will significantly contribute to ensuring your SMP tattoo heals optimally and achieves the desired outcome.


So, now you know what happens as your scalp heals after getting a Scalp Micropigmentation tattoo. From the different stages of healing to understanding why your scalp might get itchy, you've got a bunch of useful information to take care of your scalp in the best way. Just remember, by following the aftercare steps and being patient, your SMP tattoo will give you fantastic results that you'll absolutely love!

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