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Hairline Tattoo

Hairline Tattoo is a form of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) that is effective for receding hairlines due to male pattern baldness. Your hairline will be complete bespoke, crafted through consultation.

Georgio Pegasiou SMP
Bespoke hairlines

Your New Look Awaits

A new hairline is a crucial and significant step within the scalp micropigmentation process, and it is arguably one of the most obvious things people notice once you are finished with your treatment.

There are many different styles to chose from, and we can suit the best styles to your lifestyle, pigment colour and age to get the best possible results.

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Georgio Pegasiou SMP
Georgio Pegasiou SMP
SMP overview

How it works

Scalp Micro Pigmentation, which is an alternative to hair transplants, is the process of creating hair follicle impressions using a tool that looks similar to a tattoo gun called a wand. The techniques used merges areas of thinning hair and existing hair to give a seamless look creating the illusion of a full head of hair which will leave your friends and family guessing what is real and what isn't.

Whilst Micropigmentation comes in many forms and can be used for men and women alike, hairline tattoos are most commonly for me.

For receding hairlines more specifically, the hairline tattoo will create a new hairline that is tailored to you specifically through consultation. We take into consideration many factors like lifestyle, pigmentation and age just to name a few.

After treatment you will be left with the illusion of a fresh haircut straight out the barbers, a feeling unmatched that will have you bursting with confidence. Read on to learn more about hairline SMP!

Our work speaks for itself

Before and After

We pride ourselves on our results. Since we know what it feels like to be worried about your appearance, we put an extra amount of work in to ensure that you are happy with your look. But hey, don't just take our word for it, check out more in our smp before and after gallery.

Alex Before
Some of the many styles

Hairline Tattoo Styles

As mentioned, there is a hairline style for everyone. The common look for a hairline tattoo is that of a "buzz cut". We factor in pigment colour, age, lifestyle and other variables to ensure your bespoke SMP treatment look authentic and suits you. Here are just a few, but during consultation we can discuss the best options for you.


Shape Up

Looking for a sharp hairline? We got you. The Shape up gives the appearance that you have just stepped out the barber shop with a buzzcut. The best bit? You just need to keep it short and it will look after itself.

Depending on your current look, we will give the appearance of a full head of hair, and then carefully create your unique hairline.

natural shapeup

Natural Shape Up

If you are looking for something subtle, look no further. The natural shape up gives the impression of subtle stubble, but of course a sharp hairline.

We fill in the top of the scalp to give the appearance of a full head of hair and then create a faint yet clean hairline.

natural receding

Natural Receding

A sharp look for the older gentleman. We want to ensure that our clients are happy with their treatment and therefore it should be age appropriate making it authentic.

We fill in the top of the scalp to give the appearance of a full head of hair and then create the hairline to give the impression of naturally receding.

natural receding

Benefits of SMP

Scalp micropigmentation has many benefits, from wellbeing, to mental health. Below are just a few:

Easy to maintain
Boost in confidence
No more covering your head
100% effective hair-loss solution

Will I regret scalp micropigmentation?

Can scalp micropigmentation be a bad thing? We don't think so if you have the right expectations of the treatment. When using a reputable artist, you will be left with no regrets.

Those who regret scalp micropigmentation often do not research the procedure enough, opt for cheaper artists or receive poor aftercare advice that doesn't give a true reflection of the desired finished look.

As long as you are aware of every step, the outcome and are confident in your artist you have nothing to worry about. To help you negate any concerns, we wrote an article outlining common scalp micropigmentation regrets, and how you can avoid them.

georgio pegasiou - master barber & smp Specialist

We understand how you feel

Our very own founder, Georgio Pegasiou, had his own hair loss journey. At just 25 Georgio noticed his hairline receeding, and tried every hair style to cover it until it not longer was effective. Being a barber he also saw that pros and cons of his clients who had opted for different procedures, although his research lead him to SMP.

Since his treatment his confidense has been restored and become passionate about helping others.

5 star service

Certified Client Reviews

Barber Mitch

"Came across George’s SMP services when scrolling through Instagram.

Due to my ongoing hair loss issues I thought I’d enquire and see what help George could be to me. His customer service was amazing and the treatment was even better.

I have a whole new level of confidence in my look since George performed the SMP on me. I would highly recommend to anyone in a similar situation."

Mohammed Hussain

"Come across this company via a friend. I was planning to have a hair transplant and my friend told me about SMP and recommended me to have a free consultation with George.

Overall experience was exceptional and I no longer need a hair transplant after having this amazing SMP treatment from visionary scalps. Highly recommended."


Was hesitant at first as I was new to hearing about this procedure but all was well from my first consultation onwards.

George was very professional and informative explaining the full procedure from start to finish. Overall, extremely happy with my results and I wish I had done it sooner.

Thanks George and Visionary Scalps. Highly recommend.

Michael Eleftheriou

I was recommended this company by my brother who has had SMP done with Georgio and things couldn't have gone better.

He was very professional and on the ball with good communication and patience with me.
One thing I really appreciated was his respect for my privacy.

Everything went perfectly and would be happy to use and recommend this service again.
Thank you for the boost in confidence!!!

Julien Kirkpatrick

"What to say about Visionary Scalps. In one word. Amazing. George was extremely friendly and talked me through everything before it happened.

My hairline was getting really patchy and I wasn’t ready to go bold yet. George was really understanding and showed me his previous work and I’m over the MOON with the results. If your ever in need of a little hair touch up. Visionary Scalps is the place to go!"

Kosta Eleftheriou

"I hadn't heard of SMP until it was recommended by a friend so I booked a consultation with George who was more than happy to walk me through the process.

We focussed on whether or not SMP was my best option and in the end I decided to get a small amount of work on my crown. I thought my hair would have been too long to notice the SMP but actually the difference is night and day. 10/10 would defo recommend."

Chris Petrides

"Great service from George

Can’t believe I never done this sooner

Very professional and amazing at what he does

Would 100% recommend"

Iyla J Patel

"Uncle George has made my daddy look like a younger man and my sister and I love it.

Thank you for making him feel a little more confident in himself."

Jay Patel

"George was patient, took his time and and did not miss a spot.  This treatment has been life changing and I am so thankful that he spent the time to make sure the finished result was exactly what i wanted, truly a perfectionist.  I now have the confidence to hold my head up high, just the boost I needed, simply amazing."

Niko. E

"I came in with the mindset that it won’t really do much, and to begin with it didn’t feel like it done anything, but then the second/third session really stood out to me and gave my hair a more thick/full look. Would recommend if you want to just add that extra to your hair."

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asked questions

Why choose SMP?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a very versatile treatment for all forms of hair loss. Whether your hair is thinning, receding or completely bald, a scalp tattoo can effectively address and help in each scenario.

How much does SMP cost?

Most clients have between 3-4 sessions starting from £300 per session, however this will vary with your individual needs. Each session can be paid for individually and booked at your convenience. You can find out detailed pricing guide here.

Does it hurt?

Similar to a traditional tattoo, there will be a mild discomfort which is very readily managed with a short break when needed.

How long does SMP last?

SMP typically lasts for many years, although like any tattoo it slowly fades over time. The good news is it can always be replenished with a single top-up session. Most of our clients book a top-up every 1-2 years however this is dependent upon the individual.

Where is the clinic?

VisionaryScalps is based in South-Croydon but have mobile facilities allowing your SMP treatment to take place in the comfort of your own home. We also use a central London based clinic to be used at your convenience, whichever is most comfortable for you is the one we recommend.

I just had my treatment, now what?

There are an assortment of products that can help keep it looking its best, all of which can be purchased through Visionary Scalps. After care is essential, therefore we have a comprehensive after care guide. If you have any other questions be sure to send us a message!

Does hair colour matter?

Both your hair and skin colour impact the final result of the treatment so we will be sure to choose an ink pigment that works best to match your natural follicles.