Scalp micropigmentation looks fake - Truth or Myth?

June 1, 2022
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Scalp micropigmentation is becoming more and more popular each year. Many people are becoming more confident due to the treatment, but with anything, there are some with reserves due to the potential outcome as to whether scalp micropigmentation looks fake.

Stay to the end of the article because we will be outlining what makes SMP look fake and how to avoid it by achieving an authentic look.

Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?

Does scalp micropigmentation look fake? Our answer is it depends on who has done it. Your results will only be as good as the technician. If you go to a reputable artist who has many great reviews, you can rest assured that your scalp micropigmentation will look great. On the other hand, if you go to an artist who is not trained, then you may be left with regrets.

We wrote an article about a popular YouTube personality, Yousef Erakat (FouseyTube) who had a negative experience due to not doing his research and diving right into the chair. Below you can see his results.

scalp micropigmentation look fake

Why does scalp micropigmentation look fake?

SMP can look fake for many reasons. The most common overarching reason is due to an inexperienced technician.

A mismatch of pigment can make SMP look fake. The treatment looks way too dark in the picture above and does not represent individual hair follicles, but instead a cap-like mass.

Treatment can also look fake due to the sizes of the dots created. If the sizes are not matched to existing pigment, there can be discrepancies and create a fake look.

Another reason why the treatment can look fake is because of the lack of a 3D appearance. The 'hair follicles' do not look natural due to them appearing flat - below you can see what SMP should look like. A well-trained artist understands the importance of layering SMP.

An easy way to avoid your SMP looking fake is to stay clear of offers that seem too good to be true. You can view out pricing guide to get a feel for general costs.

Why does scalp micropigmentation look fake?

What is Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

An SMP treatment involves carefully applying tattoos to your scalp in the form of little dots. It is used to create the impression of hair, where hair may not be present. Despite the most common look is the shaved appearance with a sharp hairline, SMP can also be used to add density to longer hair.

The treatment is carried out by professionals who have had the correct training - you should avoid tattoo artists who say they also do SMP (that do not have the specific training) as the techniques used are substantially different and may lead to disappointing results.

Does scalp micropigmentation feel real?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure (it does not induce hair growth) that injects ink into the dermal layer of the scalp, creating imitation hair follicles. If someone is completely bald without hair follicles, you will only feel your scalp due to there being no stubble.

If you have little hair loss and you have blended your existing hair follicles with SMP to give the appearance of a full head of hair, you will be able to feel your hair which will 'feel real'.

To have the most authentic look after you finish treatment, you should follow aftercare and also keep your hair short by using an electric razor.

Is scalp micropigmentation undetectable?

Realistically, if you were completely bald before and then had the treatment done, of course it will be detectable to your friends, family and colleagues - but to those who did not know, it will not be noticable.

An experienced artist will produce scalp micropigmentation that looks undetectable by using the correct procedures, such as matching the correct pigmentation, layering the sessions, choosing the correct look for the lifestyle/age and many more.

No scalp is the same, therefore the treatment is tailored to the individual to ensure the best results.

Does scalp micropigmentation go away?

Like any other tattoo, scalp micropigmentation fades over time. Although it is a long term solution, it is natural for the ink to fade due to the skin's natural processes.

Whilst it is purely preference, we recommend that you get a top-up every 3-4 years to keep on top of it. By keeping on top of the treatment, you will only need one session to restore the look to its glory, whereas if it is left for extended periods it may take more work.

Does scalp micropigmentation go away?

How to get a natural scalp micropigmentation finish?

Micropigmentation is gaining popularity within the hair restoration industry. It can be done without the pain that is usually imposed by traditional surgeries at a substantially lower price. The number one and most effective way to avoid the fake look is the same as any treatment, by choosing professionals you will get professional results.

You should spend time researching the procedure and over time you will become familiar with what are good results, and what are poor. Once familiar, you should look at different clinics' results and reviews to get an impression of their dealings. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask any questions, professionals will be more than happy to assist.

An overlooked part of the SMP procedure is aftercare. This is when the treatment is complete and left in your hands, but is just as important as the initial stages. Once complete, ensure that you hydrate your scalp and also stay out of the sun for long periods as this can increase the rate at which your treatment fades. We recommend always applying sun cream to ensure the best results.


So, can scalp micropigmentation looks fake? Of course, it can, but it can easily be avoided by going to professional clinics. A professional will blend in the treatment effortlessly with natural hair to ensure a natural look.

It's time to ditch the hat, by doing research and staying away from significantly cheaper options you can rest assured that your treatment will be exactly what you are looking for - a dashing new look.

Some key indicators to look out for are:

  • Reviews - how have their clients reacted?
  • Images - how does it look? Can you tell whether is it real or not?

If you have any questions about the treatment, please reach out to us - we would be more than happy to help. Additionally, we offer free consultations to see whether we are a good fit for your treatment - you can book yours below!

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