A Comprehensive Insight on Creatine Hair Loss with Some Pragmatic Solutions

February 28, 2022
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Creatine Hair Loss Solutions

The unanticipated side effect of creatine

Hair loss has appeared to be one of the most common issues among both genders; men and women. Every other person is gravely conscious and concerned about their receding hairline or rapid hair fall. Worried about their looks and appearances, the hair loss sufferers undergo some serious stress. They feel a kind of complex and are usually not comfortable amongst their colleagues and friends. Out of many other causes of hair loss in men, creatine stands tall amongst all. Likewise, there are various solutions for hair loss, nonetheless, the most striking remedy to thinning hair in men is scalp micropigmentation which helps camouflage and rebuild the bald patches on the scalp.

If you want to learn about the reasons and solutions for creatine hair loss in men then please stick to the post till the end because we are going to unfold the various causes and effects of hair loss along with some workable solutions which may help you in some way or the other.

Does creatine cause hair loss?

Creatine and hairloss has been a long standing debate, along with other things such as hats. Creatine serves as one of the best performing physical fitness supplements and is normally recommended by nutritionists or fitness trainers as well. However, the varied reviews and conflicting opinions about creatine have turned into a mythical supplement that can have serious side effects on your scalp and hair growth. Your mind may also be flooded with some questions related to creatine supplementation. Will taking creatine cause hair loss? However, the truth is that creatine doesn’t slow down or stop the growth of your hair directly but it may disturb the hormone levels. Thus the hormonal disorder is very likely to lead you towards hair thinning or complete baldness.

People are normally overwhelmed by the doubts about whether or not does the creatine cause hair loss and how does it affect your hairline? The befitting reply to this ‘whether’ and ‘how’ is simply yes it can cause hair loss but through an indirect process. In fact, when you go for an excessive intake of creatine, then it accelerates the conversion of testosterone hormone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The increased levels of DHT shorten the life cycle of hair follicles thus leading to a rapid hair fall resultantly.  The constant increase in DHT may lead you towards gradual male pattern baldness. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to claim that creatine has been proved as a responsible element for instant hair loss in men. So you need to look for some perfect remedies that may lower the increase in DHT levels.

Excessive Use of Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most common creatine supplements which is used by athletes for gaining better muscle mass and enhanced performance in physical activities. Scientific evidence shows excessive use indirectly induces hair loss.

Side Effects of Creatine Supplementation

It has been observed that athletes and other sportsmen are indulged in a habit of consuming creatine to gain muscle mass and boost their energy levels to a considerably higher value. However, the side effects of consuming creatine supplements are also not avoidable. It can cause a series of health issues and disorders to the human body as it may cause hair loss, dehydration, heat intolerance, muscle cramping, water retention, etc. As a consequence, all these issues caused by high dosage creatine intakes may lead you to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and mood swings. Therefore, you need to be always cautious and careful enough to prevent the side effects caused by creatine supplementation consumed in higher proportions.

Does creatine hair loss grow back?

From our research, it depends on the circumstance. If your hair loss has been due to solely the supplement of creatine, then you hair should grow back. On the other hand, if your hair loss is genetic but creatine was the catalyst, then it may not have the same results.

Some Perfect Solutions for Creatine Hair Loss

They say that every problem has always more than one solution. In a similar manner, creatine hair loss has also got some befitting solutions that can aptly address the needs of hair loss sufferers. Let us dig the problem deeper and go beneath the surface to bring out more catchy and attractive solutions that may perfectly match the requirements of a person who is going through a hair loss problem. We have prioritised those solutions in our discussion which can prevent the side effects of creatine supplementation and hair loss. Let us explore some of the pragmatic and workable solutions for maintaining the remaining hairline and ensuring the regrowth of the fallen hair.

Supplement for Hair Loss

Using Hair Growth Supplements

If your receding hairline or gradual hair loss has threatened your appearance then you must look for some catchy options that may save you from further hair loss and make hair regrowth possible for you. In such a scenario,  you can consult your dermatologist for some effective and result oriented hair growth supplements. In fact, the hair growth supplements add some well-balanced and proportionate amounts of various food nutrients to your routine diet which are quite significant for hair growth and hair thickness like proteins, iron, zinc, multivitamins, omega-3, fatty acids and many more. Let us discuss a few of the most commonly prescribed and recommended hair growth supplements by dermatologists and nutritionists.

Note: It is important to note that we are not dermatologists or nutritionists, so you must always take up advice from them before consumption.


Whenever you go for hair growth supplementation, Biotin stands as the first and perfect choice as always. The supplement has reflected its effectiveness and shown some striking results for hair loss problems in men. Biotin is, in fact, a B-complex vitamin that ensures the strength of protein structure in your hair, nails and skin. It has got the potential to serve as a DHT blocker and strengthen the hair follicles. Resultantly, it slows down the quick hair shedding and makes the withering hair thicker than before.


The various vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C are quite useful in combating hair loss. Both these vitamins play a crucial role in maintaining the good health of your scalp to ensure thick and strong hair. Vitamin A repairs the broken hair whereas vitamin C ensures the proper absorption of iron in the scalp and also controls collagen production. Thus a balanced intake of both these vitamins may show you some favourable results for your haircare.

Zinc and Selenium

Zinc and Selenium are also some sorts of convincing hair growth supplements which can help you in nurturing your hair in a more effective way, saying a happy goodbye to your sudden hair loss. Zinc is responsible for oil production in your scalp area to produce healthy hair and Selenium prevents your scalp skin from dandruff and dryness. So the combination of both these minerals paves the way for hair growth or even hair regrowth in some cases.

Flaxseed Oil

The addition of Flaxseed oil to your nutrition can be proved as a wise move towards hair growth attempts. This supplement has got omega -3 fatty acids and effectively fights against dandruff and dry scalp skin. It triggers the follicles to produce strong and healthy hair by increasing sebum production. Therefore, Flaxseed oil can be quite helpful in fixing the receding hairline or hair thinning.

Niacin and Folic Acid

Niacin and Folic Acid normally referred to as vitamin B3 and B9 respectively, enhance the blood circulation in the scalp area and thus stimulate the process of better and healthy hair formation. Both these supplements carry significant nutrients to the hair follicles and thus contribute towards the better functioning of all other hair growth regulating vitamins as well.

Amino Acid Supplements

The amino acid supplements are widely used by hair loss sufferers as a solution to their rapid hair loss. For instance, Cysteine is an amino acid supplement for hair growth that carries sulfur to the hair follicles and improves blood circulation. The end result of using amino acid supplementation according to the prescribed dosage is improved hair health and texture.

Pros and Cons of Hair Growth Supplements

Apart from any doubt, it is a proven fact that hair growth supplements have produced considerable results for hair loss in men and women. However, there are some serious drawbacks of using the high intakes of these supplements which can never be overlooked. Let us cast a glance at some of the pros and cons of hair growth supplements.


  • Enhance hair strength
  • Ensure Sebum Production
  • Make the Scalp Healthy for Hair Regrowth
  • Improve the Blood Circulation in Scalp Area
  • Improve your Muscles as well
  • Affordable


  • It can cause allergies like itchy rashes, nausea, swollen throat and tightness in the chest.
  • It may cause acne on your face.
  • It may lower fertility in men.
  • It may dampen the effect of other medications.
  • The high intakes of hair growth supplements can also result in unnecessary facial hairs as well.

Hair Transplant (FUE, FUT)

Hair Transplant is sought as a common final solution for baldness in men. A hair transplant is  a surgical procedure that plucks the hair from the donor area (usually the back) of your scalp and injects them into the hairless or thin hair area of the scalp. Previously, it had been an extremely painful process. Nonetheless, modern-day techniques have made this painful and complicated process much easier and almost pain-free.  However, there are two major types of hair transplant techniques that are employed by the hair solution providers, those are FUE and FUT.

FUE Hair Transplant

The Follicular Unit Extraction focuses on the individual extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and then transplanting them in the area of the scalp where it is required.  The process commences with the shaving of the backside of your head or the donor area where the hair is healthy and strong. In addition to that, some little incisions are placed on the bald patches or the area of the scalp where hair is thinning or falling. After that, the hair transplant technician would harvest the individual follicles from the shaved and hair-rich area of your scalp and insert them into those incisions in the recipient area where it is needed. Moreover, the hair is harvested with such a calculation or estimation that the donor area may not appear as bald or less hairy after its harvest. It is done by using a microscopic instrument to get accurate and precise results. The procedure is done under a numbness effect of anaesthesia without giving any pain to the patient. Ultimately the surgical site is bandaged for some time.

However, the FUE hair transplant can be carried out with two different approaches or methods. The first method is harvesting and transplanting of the hair manually by some expert physician and the other method employs robotics to accomplish all the processes with high precision and accuracy.


  • Top Quality Graft
  • Natural Looking Hairline
  • Almost No Pain During and After the Hair Transplant
  • Relatively fast recovery
  • Negligible Scarring in the Donor Area
  • Induces hair growth


  • The donor area is larger than that of FUT.
  • The incision process can be invasive.
  • Scalp tissues can be infected or damaged.
  • Uncertain success rate.
  • Considerable scarring.

FUT Hair Transplantation

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation method, a few inches long strip of scalp tissues is extracted from the healthy, hair-rich donor area and that area is stitched again. As a next step, the surgeon would isolate the follicles from the scalp strip by dividing the strip into smaller pieces called a graft. It is done with the help of a scalpel. Then he will harvest follicles from these grafts using some microscopic instrument which will leave some linear scars behind. Furthermore, the surgeon will make tiny holes in the bald area with the use of a needle or a blade. Then he will transplant those harvested follicles into these tiny holes and grafts are stitched back to the donor area.


  • High chances of follicles’ recovery.
  • It leaves only one scar.
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Natural-looking hair.
  • Long-Lasting Results


  • Recovery time is relatively longer.
  • Scalp stretching.
  • Prominent scars on the scalp.
  • Loss of sensation in the area that underwent the surgery (in some cases).


Hair growth can be possible through using some proper medication according to the prescribed dosage and method.


It is normally considered a hair growth pill for men. It slows down the process of hair loss and also shows some hair growth if used consistently as time passes. However, it doesn’t show results for the aged people. So it must be used by people who are young and are likely to regrow their hairline.


  • Easily Affordable
  • Not risky as the Hair Transplant.
  • Hair Regrowth


  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Less Libido
  • Low Sex Drive


Minoxidil comes either in liquid form or shampoo form that can be applied to your scalp in an appropriate amount. It is advisable to apply it on your skin twice a day if you are a man and only once a day if you are a woman. It also slows down the hair loss process and consistent use of minoxidil leads towards healthy and strong hair again. It can be used by anyone. It will take some months to reflect its results


  • Easily affordable.
  • Low risk.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Ensures strong hair.


  • Scalp irritation.
  • Unnecessary hair growth on the skin adjacent to the scalp (i.e. face, forehead).

Perfect Solution for Creatine Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are scarred by the bald patches on your head or a rapid hair loss is threatening your overall look, then all of your concerns are over now because scalp micropigmentation has got you covered.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the trendiest and the most effective solution of giving your scalp the impression of a full head of hair. Scalp Micropigmentation has grabbed the attention of many hair loss sufferers as a reliable hope for restoring their confidence. The good thing about this hair loss solution is that it is totally non-invasive and has almost negligible or no side effects. More interestingly, it does not offer help only for bald patches, thinning hair, or receding hairline but also for the linear scars left behind by the hair transplant process. Every hair length can see benefit from the treatment, long or short.

The scalp micro pigmentation is, in fact, an illusion created by using some cosmetic ink impressions alongside other necessary equipment to give a full hair look or appearance to your balding scalp. It uses special needles to deposit the required impressions into the scalp skin to produce desired effects. Scalp micropigmentation gives somewhat a buzz haircut look to you, once the treatment is complete. Moreover, after the initial aftercare phase, maintenance requirements are low unlike after hair transplantation. For a perfect scalp micropigmentation treatment, you need to get it done in three to four sessions with a short interval of two weeks between each session. The number of sessions vary between clients due to their own personal requirements.

Scalp micropigmentation is not only focused on covering the male pattern baldness but it gives you a more stylish and dashing look. You can choose this option to catch something that is very much in trend among fashion lovers and celebrities alike. This hair loss fixing technique is also known by various other names like Hair Pigmentation, Scalp Pigmentation, Hair Tattoo, SMP, Scalp Tattoo, etc.

How can Scalp Micropigmentation give you a full hair look?

Scalp micropigmentation is a 100% effective solution for those people who have got bald patches or hair thinning, not just due to creatine. There are various scenarios in which scalp micropigmentation can offer you the perfect solution to hide your undesirable hair loss. Let us consider some cases where we can go for scalp micropigmentation to get a better and fresh hair look.

Restoring Receding Hairline

Scalp micropigmentation can easily help you to restore the receding hairline to a full hair look with little effort. You are quite able to customise or personalise the hairline style in whatever form you like with guidance from your artist. Your scalp micropigmentation consultant will suggest you a preferred hairline style according to your facial look, head shape and age during consultation.

Cover the Male Pattern Baldness

Regardless of the fact whether your hair has just started withering away or a great deal of your hair has been lost, scalp micropigmentation has got the gold for you in either case. Apart from covering the bald area with natural-looking pigment follicles, it will also add to the perceived hair density of the thin hair area.

Camouflage the Scars

If you have received any scars on your scalp due to any head injury in a road accident and which appear to be awkwardly prominent, or if a previous hair transplant has left some nasty scars on your scalp skin, then scalp micropigmentation can easily camouflage the scars which eclipse your hairstyle and overall look.


  • It requires no surgery, thus no risk at all.
  • No medication is required.
  • The least restrictions and maintenance are to be followed after the process.
  • 100% effective as it promises.
  • Saves your budget.


  • Your hairstyle remains the same throughout the whole year.
  • You have to shave your head mostly.

However, you cannot overlook or ignore the utility of scalp micropigmentation on the basis of these trivial and petty disadvantages because it has got many other useful and effective features to hide and conceal your baldness on a inexpensive budget and with little effort.

It is important when looking for a SMP clinic to carry out your treatment you do your research, like you would for any other treatment to avoid any regrets. For more details on cost read our detailed scalp micropigmentation pricing guide.

Male Pattern baldness

Lifestyle Changes

Your hair health has got a mysterious connection with your lifestyle and daily routine habits. Here we discuss some of the favourable lifestyle changes which can truly fix your hair loss in a magical way. You must consider:

  1. Eating a well-balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients like proteins, carbs, fatty acids and minerals in a certain proportion as prescribed by some authentic nutritionists.
  2. Having a sound sleep of eight hours daily.
  3. Not taking too much stress or tension.
  4. Avoid doing experiments with your hair by over-styling, especially with heat.
  5. Prevent your hair from direct exposure to dust and smoke.


It is often said that a danger foreseen is a danger half avoid, so if you take care of your hair and never take it for granted then you are almost safe to meet any kind of hair loss or hair fall. Let us go through some routine solutions for haircare that may prevent you from rapid hair loss either due to creatine or whatever is the reason.

  1. Properly wash out your hair to ensure no dirt or dust and oil or grease in them.
  2. Apply oil to your scalp skin and hair on daily basis.
  3. Use chemical-free herbal shampoo.
  4. Keep use of a hairdryer minimal.
  5. Use a wide-toothed hair comb.
  6. Use hair bands.

Wrapping Up

The epilogue of the discussion is to seriously consider the hair loss which will leave you with insecurities. The article has unfolded various tricks and hacks to cope with hair loss. You can go for any solution to restore your hair loss, however, scalp micropigmentation is offering you the simplest solution to your hair loss problems of receding hairline, hair thinning, or even bald patches on your scalp.

From personal experience, we can say that scalp micropigmentation can give you a totally fresh and new look with an appearance of a full head of hair in less time and with an affordable budget. Therefore, we highly recommend you do more research in our other articles outlining the procedure or better yet, take advantage of our free consultation below to discuss how scalp micropigmentation is an effective solution to your hair loss via creatine.

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