How To Achieve An Anti-Shine Bald Head

April 28, 2022
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Those who are bald are more than likely familiar with shining on their scalp. Whilst it bothers some, others quite like it and many men are great advocates.

If you are reading this article, you are someone who is not particularly fond of a shaved head shine. That's okay, we've got you.

We outline what causes head shine, methods of reducing shine and achieving a matte look.

What does a shiny scalp mean?

A shiny scalp quite simply means there are no hair follicles on the scalp. Additionally to normal hairs, we also have very thin hairs called Vellus Hairs which give our skin a fuzzy look. Bald heads have a completely smooth surface and neither hairs.

The texture of hair makes it harder for light to reflect off the surface, therefore with no hair, it makes the reflection easier resulting in a shiny bald head.

What causes shine on bald heads?

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So, why are bald people's heads shiny? It is in fact Sebaceous glands play a large role in shine on a bald head. We have these glands all over our body that produce oil (Sebum) and are often attached to hair follicles.

There are particularly more of them on our face and scalp compared to the rest of our bodies and because of this, a bald head can appear particularly shiny, especially due to there being a lack of hair to soak up the excess.

The extent to the amount of secretion of the gland is dependent on the individual, with some having more oil produced than others making it important to know your skin type (oily skin). An interesting belief that some doctors have is that it is the overproduction of sebum that leads to hair loss.

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A close shave

Shaving your head short can make your scalp appear shinier due to the facts stated above. There is no hair to disrupt the light's reflection.

If you have hair but like it particularly short, then just maybe go a guard up to reduce shine. Another method is to shave your head with the grain instead of against it which will leave a little more hair on your scalp.

Those suffering from hair loss may be struggling for solutions, and scalp micropigmentation is a viable option.

Scalp micropigmentation is becoming increasingly popular and it is no surprise why. The treatment creates the impression of hair follicles with ink that can restructure your scalp's appearance, no matter your situation.

It can rebuild hairlines, and camouflage scars and is a great solution for those suffering from alopecia or thinning hair.

How do I get rid of the shine on my bald head?

It is natural for your skin to produce oils it is inevitable - but that doesn't help you, does it?

Below are a few ways to manage the amount of shine on your scalp so that you are more comfortable with your appearance.

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Wash your head regularly

Just because you may not have any hair on top of your head does not mean that you shouldn't wash it. Washing regularly with shampoo is vital to keeping a healthy, non-greasy scalp. The idea is we want to be a step ahead of our body's physiological responses so we maintain control.

We recommend that you use an exfoliant regularly to remove any dead skin cells from your scalp. This will prevent any bacteria from forming and therefore means the amount of sebum excreted will not be as much.

We also recommend that you use a non-greasy moisturiser (aqueous) regularly to also maintain hydration. We want to stay away from products that may cause drying because again, it will reduce the amount of sebum secreted.

Top Tip - Keep a pack of disposable wipes that are skin-friendly with minimal perfume, such as face wipes handy to use if you feel that your scalp could do with a quick wipe. The reason we say disposable is so we don't add more bacteria to our scalp which would be counterproductive to the aims of this article.

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Become aware of your skin type

Your scalp produces sebum as a physiological response to maintain hydration of the skin and protect against bacteria. Some people's bodies produce more or less oil than others.

Becoming aware of your skin type allows you to better manage head shine. Do you feel your skin is particularly oily? Or is it maybe quite dry? Using the correct products will help with this.

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Use the correct products

Using the correct products is essential for the maintenance of your scalp due to some products being particularly greasy which won't help us in this situation.

We most commonly recommend aqueous moisturiser due to its properties such as creating a protective barrier but also being breathable which does not block pores.

You can also use facial exfoliators on your scalp too, which will assist with washing and is perfectly suitable for the job.

To overall prevent shine, we overall want to stay away from oil or grease-based products and the more natural, the better.

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Reflect on your diet

The food we eat affects our body (obviously), although if you are eating particularly oily/greasy foods, this will often reflect in oily/greasy skin.

Foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats typically increase sebum production and that is not what we want to prevent head shine. Keeping these foods to a minimum and maintaining a healthy diet will massively help us from the inside out across the board.

How can I make my bald head matte?

A matte bald head is essentially an oil-free scalp. If we are trying to prevent scalp shine, that is what we are after, right?

On top of the recommendations we made above, you can also use certain products such as moisturisers or sunscreen (particularly useful on a bald head) or both that aid the matte look.

You can get specific matte products to prevent the appearance of oil, such products are usually used on the face but can also be used on the scalp.

An Easy Routine

If a non-shine look is what you are going after, you should create an easy daily routine that will help you. Below, we have outlined a simple one for you.

  1. Wake Up
  2. Wash your scalp to remove dead skin cells
  3. Dry your scalp
  4. Apply a matte moisturiser with SPF
  5. Maintain a healthy diet

Just like that, you will be able to keep on top of your head shine. Sounds easy right?


Head shine is natural and is something that is purely preference as to whether you think it complements or goes against your look. Whilst the advice we have given in this article will help reduce the shine on your scalp, it is almost impossible to completely remove it due to it being a natural response in our body.

Nonetheless, we hope these tips have given you clarity on how to be in more control of your appearance.

If you are someone suffering from hair loss and looking for more long-term solutions to your shiny head, feel free to contact us regarding scalp micropigmentation treatment. Visionary Scalps are experts that have helped many on their journey to becoming more confident in their appearance. Why don't you take advantage of our free consultation below? You won't regret it!

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